Matthew Nienow

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Review of House of Water in 32 Poems

Many thanks to Matt Miller for his generous reading of House of Water at 32 Poems. You can read the full review here.

"House of Water is a book of tender strength that flies beautifully in the puffing face of toxic masculinity that pervades the world today."


Review in Publishers Weekly

"Nienow’s lyrics fit together with watertight precision as he praises labor and the act of trudging through when disaster strikes: 'That it works makes me want to work. The work, it carves that want away.'” 

Read the whole review here.



House of Water reviewed in Orion

"What's so refreshing about Nienow's poems—what actually refreshes the tradition he works within—is the ubiquitous and musical language from the trade itself: sponsons, pry bars, slide hammers, plumb bobs and C-clamps, riving knives, ballast keels and belt sanders, steam boxes and hand planes—all these and more appear unassumingly in poem after poem, providing texture and authority."

Read the whole review here.



Review of House of Water in Tupelo Quarterly

"House of Water [....] is an important and moving accomplishment..."

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House of Water Considered at Superstition Review

"Built in to each of the poems in House of Water is a commitment to the physical world. Readers cannot escape the smell of seawater, the heat of fire, the shavings of wood beneath their feet, the laughter of children, or the rock of a boat.

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POETRY Magazine Podcast

It was a true honor to have Poetry editors, Christian Wiman and Don Share discuss a couple of my poems first presented in the January 2013 issue. Though I recommend listening to the podcast in its entirety, you can hear them chime in about me, here, starting around minute 12:40:

Don Share also generously mentions me and one of the poems he had published in this interview with Emilia Phillips over at 32 Poems.